Select multiple layers at once?

Is there a way to select many layers at once? My goal is to maybe somehow move tiles (which i places in a multitude of different layers) and then be able to select them, and move them all collectively.

here is an image of what I mean:

This is currently not possible, and due to it being a rather large task it’s unlikely to still make it into the next release, though it’s one of the things that would be good to improve soon afterwards.

Related issues on GitHub:

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This is such a bummer. Looking forward to it!

Do you need that many layers ?

From my perspectivevIt seems like many user are using layers, like if it was photoshop or Gimp layers.
Layers are not an editor feature only, their intent is to be useful in the game.
How many layers do you expect to use in a game ?

Background, Sky, Sprite, foreground, …
3, 4, or 5 ?

Surely not as many as you are currently using.

Using many layers, will eventually force you to process them, so that you have just a few for your game to use effectivelly.

Hey I saw your new youtube demonstrating using the stamp tool with multiple layers. Is selecting multiple layers currently an available feature? I can’t figure out how to select more than one like you are in the video. Thanks

For reference, you’re referring to this video:

In the description I wrote:

This video demonstrates the new multi-layer editing feature that is in development for Tiled 1.2. Hopefully in the development snapshots soon, but there is still a lot of work to do!

That is where we’re at. I think it will be in the development version in 2-3 weeks, maybe sooner.

If you’d like to try it out in its current state, you can compile Tiled on the wip/multi-layer branch.

Awesome thanks that is really appreciated. Have compiled and it’s working nicely :slight_smile: It’s a life safer when working with 15 layers with complex houses which are to be copied and pasted.

That’s great to hear! Indeed I can see this feature being greatly appreciated. @Bobjt chose to push for this feature as his patron reward, so you can thank him as well.

So far the multi-selection is only used by the Stamp Brush, which is why I wrote there’s still a lot of work to do. The eraser as well as cut/copy/paste do not work yet with multiple layers. Nor do many layer-based actions work properly in this case. But we’ll get there. :slight_smile:


I agree. In my map I have, aside of the object layer, only 4 tile layers, 3 of them visible in the game (BG,normal layer, foreground layer) and 1 for collisions because I’ve decided to use “collision mask” style of detection so I can have colliders of any shapes and since I didn’t want to bake collision shapes into the tileset itself and leave it to the map creator, I have separate “collision” set full of various collision shapes that would be commonly used (slopes, block, various stripes and some more complex shapes).

Obviously in some cases more layers are necessary (especially, if you need parallax scrolling or something like that), but in most cases 3-6 layers are all you really need.

Thanks, yeah i agree generally. For 2.5d where there might be multiple heights to a map it can be useful to have a lot more layers. This is an example of what needing 12 layers for buildings looks like: