Moving multiple layers, ruler and grid?

Rob here, new to the forums.
I’m working on building maps for Lost Sector (a Warframe demake) and while we’re trying to build a procedurally generated map we’re not quite set to ship it for the build in July.

We still make “single” rooms though and here’s the first question:
Is there any way to move multiple layers (R - Select area, ctrl +c, ctrl +v) and then paste it in a new document?

Another question I have is;
Is there any way to create a ruler or tilecounting border on the edges of the window?
That way you could keep track of your map and it would be much easier to align things like doors and other joints.

Finally I’m wondering if there is a way to create “subdivisions” (or what ever they are called) for your grid?

Made a mockup of how I’d picture it could look.

Thx for reading!

Read the other threads I could find that were similar to this topic and understood it might be a bit more complex than I previously thought making multi-layer copies.

Would it be possible to go about it as an “export” and “import” of selection perhaps?

Not a programmer but somekind of pseudo-code attempt:

Select area

*Check layer style-

*Tile layer Copy layer name (and type)
Copy tiletype and coordinates
Save in temp.(tmx?)

*Object layer Copy coordinates and object specification
Save in temp.(tmx)

Check if multiple layers are in the selection.


Load temp.(tmx?)

Select area or paste.

Popup Use same coordinates - yes/no

Check for matching layers: IF no: create new layers.
IF yes:
Popup: Merge identical layers? Y/N (identical names and layer style)
IF yes:match copied layers to existing layers and paste copied selection.
IF no:
Popup: Create new layers, Y/N - Disband unique layers, Disband duplicates?
IF yes: Create new layers.
IF no: Cancel
Disband unique: Paste only matching layers.
Disband duplicate: Paste only unique layers.

No. This is not yet implemented. I see you already found the issue which tracks it :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean here… Do you know that the current coordinates are displayed in the lower left? How would this ruler be different?

No this is currently not possible…

This is not possible either unfortunatly :slight_smile:. But you might be able to write a script using tmxrasterizer and imagemagick which could do this for you. You could even register this script in tiled and be able to call it with F5.


Rob was looking for a solution to copy multiple layers from one map to another, not to export it as an image. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible. The “export” part could be done, using the “crop” action and then saving as a separate file. But there is currently no way to import the result into another map, apart from copy/pasting each layer separately.

See his mockup which shows a ruler. It would of course be possible to add a ruler. It just hasn’t been requested a lot and a ruler is usually the first thing I turn off in other applications, since I rarely have a use for it. But it would be just a matter of finding the time to implement it.

Hi again. Thank you for your answers!

Sadly my programmingskills are currently that of a cucumber so don’t expect any scripts in the near future hehe.
But I imagined it would be something like what you do when saving a map, using the .tmx file. Then it’s “just” the issue of getting it inside of another file and it’s coordinate-system.

Expanding on the ruler/grid a bit:
The idea one of our programmers had were that we’d be using multiples of 8 for our rooms that would be generated in the map-maker.
To align things like floors, holes in the ground or elevator shafts they would all have their own “set places” and connector pieces placed in Tiled.

With the subdivisions in the grid you could easily see where you were in a section without having to count. Ie: you’re making a 32x64 room and you need an exit. Your grid is set up in boxes of 8x8 tiles, now you can instantly see that in the 8x8 box you just place it in tile 2 from the left and tile 2 from the right or which ever dimentions you’ve set up other connections to align with.

The ruler is redundant a lot of times, but giving it some extra features like highlighting every 8 tile or every 2:nd and 6:th you could quickly see things like mentioned above with the grid subdivisions.

/Regards Rob

Thanks for providing some additional context. I’ve linked this thread to the related issue on GitHub: