Show the selected tile number

Hello, I would like to know which tile number (in the tileset) is the tile that I have selected.

In this capture I have a selected tile but I can not see the tile number that it is.
The upper left tile would be tile number 0.


Ok, I found the solution.
The solution is to show the attributes.

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Yeah, glad you found it! To be precise, in Tiled this is called the “Properties” window.

Btw, if you solve your own issue, it’s better to write it in a reply than to do an edit. That way the topic can also be properly marked as resolved.

Is there any chance we might one day get a tile ID display for the current layer, similar to how Pyxel Edit does it?
This would be very useful for error correction, and for debugging Auto-Tiling.

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It’s an interesting idea and I’m open for adding it. Just note that it would show the tileset-local IDs of the tiles (those that also show up in the Properties window), and not the global IDs (which are only calculated when saving the map). So when you use multiple tilesets on a map, you may see the same number on different tiles.

I guess it could be interesting to use different colors for tiles from different tilesets, though it does raise the question of where that color should come from. Could be predefined like the Wang colors.

I personally try to avoid mixing tilesets within a map so I’m not concerned about differentiating tilesets, but your idea of having the colours like the Wang tiles sounds good! If the colours are associated with the tileset though, then wouldn’t the defaults all end up the same? And if the colours are associated with the map, then the same tileset could have different colours in different maps. I suppose one easy solution is to randomly generate a colour for each tileset when it’s created.