Tiled does not indicate the position of the selected tile with respect to the tileset

Hello, I think that currently Tiled does not indicate the column and row (with respect to the tileset) that correspond to the selected tile.

For example, if I select the tile with id 5 tiled does not indicate 5, 0, that information would be the column and the row to which the tile belongs with respect to the tileset.

In this image you can see:

For my own usage of tile locations, it would be more convenient to see a x, y [localID] output in the status bar in the Tileset editor when hovering over tiles, which would make this information even more conveniently available, and would be consistent with the map view. Is there a particular use case you have in mind for having this information in the properties view when using the map editor, for needing it while using the map view rather than the editor view? (Including a use case or two when requesting features is generally good practice! Without a use, there’s no reason to have a feature xP)

Hi, I really don’t have any particular case where the information should appear in the properties view. It seems good to me that it appears where you suggest.