[Solved]"Store Tile Data Layer As" not in Preferences?


I’m totally new to using Tiled, so please excuse me if this question is silly. I’m working off an example in a book and the book says I have to save my tmx file in Base64(uncompressed). The book says in order to do this, I need to select it from a selection box called “Store Tile Layer Data As” in the Preferences screen.

My problem is there is no “Store Tile Layer Data As” in my preferences screen and I can’t find that option anywhere. When I save my map as a tmx, it won’t show up when I load my page. I’m pretty lost…please help!

Since this setting affects the way the map is saved, it was moved out of the preferences to avoid changing the format used in the map file just by opening and saving the map in Tiled. You can now find it in the New Map dialog and you can change it under Map -> Properties…

Ah! There we go! Thank you so much! I was quite confused by that and totally certain I was just using the software wrong. I didn’t think to look for the option when creating the map. That’s a much more logical place for it. :slight_smile: