What happens if i move the tiles files after exporting the tmx?

Hello, I realized the tmx file from my map that the tileset tag has an attribute that has the directory of the image file, I would like to know this topic if the tilesets are loaded along with the tmx file or if for example one tileset has the directory like: C: \ Users \ Thallysson \ Desktop \ folder, my map will only work on my game if the user is the same folder in the same location on your computer or the image is within the tmx? Is there any option in tiled to put the picture in the tmx?

The TMX format has the option of embedding images, but this is not supported from the Tiled user interface at the moment. However, you generally don’t need that functionality.

To make sure your map file will work also on other PCs, make sure to save the tileset image and the map file to the same drive, and such that their location relative to each other matches the relative locations in which you’ll distribute your map and tileset. Tiled will store a relative reference to the tileset image in the map file whenever possible, but it isn’t possible when you store them on different drives. In that case, it falls back to referring to the tileset with an absolute path.

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But that means I’ll have to always when transferring the map to somewhere also transfer the images, right?

Of course. Maybe consider archiving it into a zip file to ensure things stay together the way they need to.

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But if I so do the tiled can read?

After you unzip it again, yes. Tiled currently does not support loading from .zip files directly.

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What annoying, was good if this feature exists, so that tilesets be one file, but one more question , the guys of tiled see our questions? For in several questions that I did we end up talking about features that could be added to the tiled.

I am the main developer and maintainer of Tiled, so yeah, I read your questions and I realize there is a lot left to improve. However, my spare time is very limited. Thanks to the support from over 100 members of the Tiled community, I can currently afford to spend each Monday entirely on Tiled, and I’m writing about my progress weekly in the “Development” category on this forum. If you want to help me get around to more features, please consider supporting me as well.

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How cool! You have created a super tool! I am a beginner programmer and I’m venturing into game development and tiled helped me a lot