SuperTiled2Unity Custom Tranform/Orientation?

Hey all, when using SuperTiled2Unity, you can use the custom properties “unity:layer” and “unity:SortingLayer” to set sorting layers and layers in Unity on import.

I’ve looked around, but (!) is there a way you can do a custom property to set the transform of a layer, OR set the TileMap offsets in Unity?


Hi there, @Gazoid. The Tile Anchor transforms are used to for the different isometric and hex map configurations and generally shouldn’t be messed with.

Have you tried using the Vertical Offset and Horizontal Offset for the layer in Tiled? The Drawing Offset for the tilesets in Tiled can also be put to use. Those values are imported over to your Unity prefabs by SuperTiled2Unity.

Hi Sean, thank you for the quick reply!

I’m looking to push the layers back in the Z for use in some parallax layers. I was wondering if I could set a custom property from tiled to do this, rather than importing to Unity and then moving by hand for each level :slight_smile:

If not I’ll see if I can write my own script.

Many thanks,

Sorry I didn’t replay sooner n this one: Generally we don’t change the Z value on the transform of a layer or object but instead modify the Sorting Layer to control the render order.

I talk a bit about sorting layers here: