SuperTiled2Unity Isometric Sorting Layer Issue

Hi all,

I’m having a two issues with importing my tilemap. I’m creating an isometric map in Tiled and I’m importing it into Unity using SuperTiled2Unity. After a lot of faffing around, I managed to get it working into Unity and this is what it looks like -

However, when I hit play in Unity, this is what it looks like

I thought it may have been the Cinemachine camera I’m using but when I just use a standard camera, it still happens so I’m wondering if anyone knows what may be going on?

The other question that I have is how do I change the Sorting Order for the different layers? I can change the Sorting Layer Name in Tiled (by using unity:SortingLayer in custom properties) but I’m just wondering if I can change the Sorting Order because I am unable to do that in Unity.

If anyone has any ideas, I would be extremely grateful! And if you need any more information, ask and I’ll provide whatever I can.

Thank you in advance!