Terrain Brush Tutorial needed

I have tried using the terrain brush for the last few days, however the edges are not smooth, they always feel jagged. Is there any good youtube or tutorials out there to teach me how to do this from scratch? I have tried to use sample terrain tiles and it does not appear that good. I have tried to follow the Tiled documentation, but still my output is quite poor when trying to use the terrain brush. I have exhausted the youtube videos out there.

I did my best to explain all the basic setup in the manual, but since you mentioned that you’re tried to follow it but still are experiencing poor output, please give us more information so we could have a chance of helping you or to understand where the documentation is lacking.

Can you share your tileset image as well as the .tsx file with your current setup? And maybe a screenshot of this “poor” or “jagged” output?

Here is a video link showing what is going wrong…: https://goo.gl/yrfWnc
Please let me know if I am doing something wrong

Tileset is attachedterraintesting.tmx (4.3 KB)

The way you use the brush is correct, however it seems that you use a small tile size. If you double your tile size, every terrain will be a 3x3 grid, as can be seen in the manual page as well.


Ah! now I see that was the issue here. I was taking 16 by 16, should have been 32 for 32, with 32 by 32 the terrains are appearing quite good! Thanks for the feedback!

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