Tile Flip different with Tiled1.4.3 and Tiled2020.12.19

They use same file 1.json

I download the newest version 2021.02.15.
It’s same with version 2020.12.19

Hmm, I’m unable to reproduce this issue on a quick try:

Would you be able to provide your files so I could have a look at them?

This is my project file.

Ah, I was able to reproduce it now because this only affected staggered maps.

So actually, the tile rotations on staggered isometric maps were broken on 1.4 and it got accidentally fixed for 1.5 during a refactoring. At the same time though, it broke for hexagonal maps (which perform 60-degree instead of 90-degree tile rotation). I’ve fixed this issue in:

Just in case you have already created a bunch of maps and are relying on the “broken” flipping, to get those maps to render as before you’d need to switch your map type from “Staggered (Isometric)” to “Hexagonal”. It appears the same way, as long as you keep the “Hex Side Length” map property on 0. However, I hope you can instead just rely on the fixed behavior. I’m aiming to have a new stable release out very soon.

Thanks a lot for bringing up this problem!

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@bjorn thank you!