Tile placement off cursor on hexmap

Basically, this:

EDIT: Should probably note that the distance increases the farther I get from the left edge, but vertically, the two stay lined up. Also, Map Properties:

Hmm, indeed something is broken there. I hadn’t noticed it before since I had only tested with small hexagonal maps, and the error is getting larger when the distance to 0,0 is bigger.

I’ll make sure to look into it for Tiled 0.15.1.

This issue should be fixed with the following change:

I’ve merged it to master so that it will be available in the daily builds soon. Let me know if it worked!

Hi. I’m not the original poster, but I noticed this bug in 0.15.0 as well, and came here to report it. I can confirm that this is fixed in the daily build (I grabbed v0.15.0-25-g7043246 to check it). I’m using pointy-top hexes, unlike the original poster, but I assume it’s fixed for either stagger axis.


– Steve

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