Tile map isn't loaded with some images

Hi. I made a tilemap. and used it on cocos2d-js.
But When I use this image,
//sorry I can upload only one image now and two links

this error occured.
[.WebGLRenderingContext]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture
unit 0 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible
texture filtering or is not ‘texture complete’

But When I used other image, it works. like

I changed tilemap many times with that images, but same result.
I don’t know what is diffrent that images.
Please help me.

Hmm, I have no idea either why one set of images may work while the other set of images does not work. But this is not a problem with Tiled so maybe try asking on the cocos2d-x forums.