Tile set composed View

What would be the required effort to achieved the following capability, and if there are any show stoppers that would make if not feasible.

when working with low spec platforms 8b, the size of the tiles and tileset is critical, this leads to have tilesets that are very compact and difficult to understand, making the creating of a TileMap a very time consuming due to try to understand where is the tile you want.

Use Tiled to create a TileMap with examples of the structured include in the Tileset, this would include all the rotation and mirror properties like any other TileMap (check the image bellow)

Create view metadata

when adding a TileSet to the map, have the possibility to select a TileMap to display the content of the TileSet , allowing to select tiles with mirror and rotation settings, but the Tile Gid will be linked to the physical Tileset, this would speed up the building of complex TileMaps by already have the Tiles with the properties applied and arranged in a logical way.

use view metadata


Your diagrams confuse me, but it sounds like what you’re asking for is the same as #3288, which is about a scratch pad panel in Tiled that lets you display any tile map in an extra panel and let you select tiles from with a similar interface as the Tilesets panel. You would be able to select single flipped/rotates tiles, groups of tiles, anything you deem useful to put into that tile map. This would be something independent of any particular tileset, it would just be a regular map, and you could mix tiles from multiple tilesets in it if you wanted to.
There are no particular obstacles to this feature, it just needs time and attention, which no one has provided it xP Consider +1ing the above issue to show your interest in it.

Another existing related feature is the Tile Stamps panel, which lets you save your tile stamps for later use. It’s annoying for single tiles since it displays the stamps as a list rather than in a 2D arrangement, but it’s useful if you have a bunch of multi-tile props you need to reuse. The Tile Stamps panel isn’t well-documented officially, so I’ve written about it here.

Yes, it’s simmilar, the idea was to use the tilemap itself to produce the “view” of the tileset, since the tilemap already includes all the information regarding the Tileset and the tiles properties, seems to be a good reuse of existing capabilities.

If we assume that the “view” requires the tileset’s to be part of the Tilemap (is mandatory), what purposing is to have and additional tab in the Tileset’s window to view the selected Tilemap and have the capability of select from there a tile or group of tiles

Thanks for the links going to check the Tile Stamps.


Oh, I see! So you’re looking for a single tileset-agnostic map that gets applied to the tileset(s) automatically, but works like a scratch pad map after that.

(I am assuming that by “tile properties”, you’re referring to the tile orientation, as actual tile Properties (custom properties, class, etc) are not stored in the map, they are stored with each Tile in the Tileset.)

I think we’re more likely to see just the generic scratch pad feature added, because it’ll help with both this and other needs, and because what you’re proposing is essentially a fancier version of an existing feature - Replace Tileset - with only the marginal benefit of avoiding extra scratch pad maps, since the replacement would happen automatically on tileset switch.

The need to store a map for each tileset can be avoided via scripting - it should be simple to set up a script that checks when you change the current tileset, and replaces the tileset used in the scratch pad map(s) with it. This can even be made conditional. The only thing needed from Tiled for this to work, aside from the scratch pad feature itself, is script access to the list of current scratch pad maps, and ideally also a signal for when maps are added to the scratch pad panel.
If the API provides the necessary access (i.e. the ability to set the current active map in the scratch pad panel), you would even be able to make sure the correct map is displayed whenever you switch tilesets.

A feature which sounds very similar to what is being requested by @cardoso_joao is to choose a map as the source image of a tileset. Tiled allows this, even though this feature is likely still undocumented.

When doing this, the map will not reflect the actual tiles and mirror flags though, since that information would need to be looked up using the map referenced by the tileset. It would be possible for an export format to perform this step however, to keep such complexity out of the game.

Hi come up with an simpler aproach, I create a layer and build there sample tiles with all the rotate and mirror applied and then do a copy paste between the layers,since I’m using a parser to convert the Tiled format to my specific format, I just export the layers I have selected.

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