Tiled 0.11.0 released

Tiled 0.11.0 can now be downloaded from the Tiled website!

This release was meant to come much sooner after Tiled 0.10, but other things kept taking my time. The main new feature is the support for hexagonal maps, but even if you don’t need this there are many other reasons to update.

The changelog:

  • Added support for hexagonal maps (offset coordinates)
  • Added ‘Export’ action to repeat the last export
  • Added a shortcut for the Reload action (Ctrl+R)
  • Added ability to rename custom properties (by arn00d)
  • Added unique IDs to objects (by Mark van Rij)
  • Added a CSV export plugin
  • Added visual feedback when properties differ between multiple selected objects (by Parker Miller)
  • Added command-line export (by Brandon Dillon)
  • Allow dynamically changing the map orientation and grid size
  • Suppress the standard main window context menu in the collision editor
  • Lua plugin: Write out tile terrain information
  • Lua plugin: Include Tiled version in exported file
  • Flare plugin: Fixed ability to open maps with absolute paths
  • Fixed grid rendering for staggered maps
  • Fully support building and running Tiled with Qbs
  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations

Thanks to everybody who submitted patches and updated translations! And of course also thanks to all the people submitting feature requests and bug reports. I only have time to tackle some of the requests, but it always helps to know what are the more important issues to work on next. Finally, thanks to those who have donated! Every donation I receive is a confirmation that Tiled is really useful and that spending time on improving Tiled is worthwhile!

Now that 0.11 is out I will look again at the larger pull requests to see what could go into Tiled 0.12. I also want to define a clear roadmap to “Tiled 1.0” and start thinking about what’s next. It all requires time of course, which I will come back about later as well.

For now, enjoy the new release!

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Fantastic job! Tiled just keeps on getting better and better! Thanks for everything you do.


First: I love Tiled, I’ve been using it - off and on - in a XNA RPG I’ve been working on in my spare time for the past 2 years. Lurked here awhile, finally posted.

Small typo: The downloads page lists the newest version 0.11.0 with a “11 January 2014” release. This should be 2015. It confused me for a bit until I saw this post :smile:



I opened a pullrequest for this: Fixed release date by Ablu · Pull Request #18 · bjorn/tiled-website · GitHub


@Phantasie, @Ablu: Thanks guys, fix merged!

That was quick.

PS, this was the first time I’ve merged up since .09 ish.

I’m so grateful for now being able to multi-select tiles and apply a custom property to all of them. I was planning on grabbing the source and adding that myself, so this is great!