Tiled 0.14.0 released

Tiled 0.14 is out now, with several nice new features and enhancements! Here are the highlights, followed by the full change log below.

Layer Offsets

This feature was requested a long time ago and came up many times since then. Now, each layer can be set at a custom offset, which primarily enables emulating height and stacking of tiles.

Tiled-Layer-Offset.webm provides a short video of editing with this feature.

The graphics I’ve used for these examples are by Yar (CC-BY 3.0).

Custom Tileset Formats

While it was always possible for plugins to add custom map formats, the same wasn’t true for tileset formats. This was especially unfortunate for those wanting to use external tilesets in combination with the JSON map format, which necessarily always embedded the tileset in the map file. Now, the JSON plugin adds a JSON tileset format and will no longer embed tileset information in the map file for external tilesets.

New Object Name Labels

In Tiled 0.12 the object name labels went missing since they interfered with the resizing improvements and did not work well with rotation either. They also did not display for polygons and tile objects. Now, the object names labels are back:

You can choose to disable them, to have them only for the selected objects or to show them always. They won’t be elided, scaled or rotated like the old labels, making sure they are always readable.

In the future I’d like to make it possible to configure what it shows on the label, but for now it will just show the name of the object.


The selection of the tile palette now synchronizes when tiles are captured from the map. This also provides quick access to tile properties by right-clicking them on the map. Similarly, when selecting a tile object (on an object layer), the tile animation and collision editors will update to show the associated tile.

The active brush is no longer reset when switching between maps, so the right-click capture feature of the stamp brush is now also a quick way to copy/paste an area from one map to another.

Change log

  • Added support for custom external tileset formats (JSON format added)
  • Added support for shifting layers by some distance in pixels
  • Added back object name labels in a much improved form
  • Added tile stamp variation support to the fill tool
  • Synchronize tileset selection when capturing tiles from the map
  • Change tile in collision and animation editors based on selected tile object
  • Keep the active brush when switching maps
  • Python plugins can now add export-only map formats
  • Fixed updating of current tile when changing map
  • Fixed animated tile overlay to look less odd in some cases
  • Fixed Save As dialog popping up when saving fails
  • Fixed tilesets view collapsing when switching maps on OS X
  • Updated Russian, Spanish, Czech, French, Japanese, German, Dutch and Bulgarian translations

Many thanks to all who contributed!

A Look Ahead to Tiled 1.0

That’s right, I’d like the next version of Tiled to be 1.0! It’ll probably take a bit longer than this version since there are a large number of issues to address before I’m ready to call it “complete”. But I want to finish it this year, which is possible because of many awesome people supporting me with a donation each month. Thanks for that!

Of course, this is not to be seen as the end, but rather a beginning. This milestone is about providing a solid base upon which to build future changes. For changes planned beyond 1.0, check out the Tiled roadmap.


woohoo! this release looks awesome!

BTW, does tiled have a facebook page? I looked but couldn’t find one.

I can’t set one up because I don’t have a Facebook account. There’s a page on Google+ though.

IMHO it’d be worth it to create a fb account just to make a page. Increase your reach and all. Yeah, I get your notifications on G+, I’ll go see if I’m subscribed to the page too.

Any chance we get can get 64 bit windows version :wink:

Sweet! :smile:

I take it the only change to TMX file is a layer’s offsetx / offsety attributes, right? Would be nice to have the TMX format changes/additions in the changelog as well.

You knew I was already working on it! Anyway, I just pushed it to master so that the daily builds for Windows now also feature a 64-bit version. Unfortunately they still don’t support Python, but for the rest it should be the same.

Yep, that’s the only change. The documentation has been updated now. Thanks for the reminder!

Haha you are the man! Thanks so much!

TilemapKit supports the layer offsets, will be in v0.93.