Tiled 0.14.2 released

Since Tiled 0.14.1, a Polish translation was added and the Brazilian Portuguese translation was revived by a new translator (after not getting updated since Tiled 0.9). Apart from that, several small issues were reported that I wanted to fix sooner rather than later.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • #1101 - Fixed layer offsets missing in the Lua export
  • #1108 - Fixed JSON tileset format missing in ‘Add External Tileset’ action
  • #1119 - Fixed language selection entries for Portuguese
  • #1113 - Fixed an issue with copy/pasting when using image collection tilesets
  • #1086 - Added Polish translation (by Tomasz Kubiak)
  • #1112 - Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Laete Meireles)

You can find the latest version on the Download page.

In the meantime I’m making progress on Tiled 1.0 relevant issues. You can follow the progress in the weekly development updates (grouped by month), of which a new one should come out soon.

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Only 32-bit ??
There is no official 64-bit version of Tiled? :sob:

Sorry, the 64-bit had failed and I had restarted it but forgot about putting the installer there later. The 64-bit installer is still unofficial because it has no Python support, but it should generally always be available from the Tiled releases page on GitHub.

Can you believe laetemn beat me to the punch :wink: