Tiled 1.1.1 released

Unfortunately, a crash was found in Tiled 1.1.0 when loading a map with a non-tile object template instance. Upgrading is recommended. Changelog Fixed crash on load for template instances of non-tile objects (#1844) Windows Installer: Include the Qt SVG image plugin (#1847) Linux AppImage: Updated from Qt 5.9.2 to Qt 5.9.3

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That’s why I usually don’t update until several weeks from the last release, bugfix or not. Because with that I know it’s stable. I’ve once dodged a bullet that way with Unity 5.2 which was notoriously unstable, both with editor and the engine.

If few weeks passes, that tells me the release was stable enough to not need any bugfixes.

No, that’s why you should be using the development snapshots, so you can help make sure the eventual release will not have such serious issues. :slight_smile:

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