Tiled 1.7 Released

This release brings a configurable “major grid”, rearranging of tiles, portable configuration and improved project security. It also fixes a crash that became visible with the crash reporting feature added in Tiled 1.6.

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Love Tiled so much!! Are there any plans to allow for the opposite of (Rearranging the tiles does not affect their IDs and the tileset image is not modified.)?

I want to fix my poorly laid out tilesets (while changing my maps in Tiled automatically). I was considering doing it via paint and then trying to fix in Tiled, but it would be sooo much work. Would love if my water tiles were next to each other, dark grass, etc.

Hey @jayavon, it’s definitely something that’d be nice to make easier somehow. I don’t have any plans to make the actual image editable in Tiled, but what we could do in this case is to add a dialog where you can provide the old version of the tileset image and the new version, and Tiled could analyze both images to look for moved tiles. Hard to say when I might get around to that though.

Perhaps a simpler version would be a manual remap option:

A dialog that asks the user to remap “everywhere using Tile X should now use Tile Y”, and perhaps apply to entire worlds.

(example from another tool)

@jayavon I’m not sure how technical you are, but I think something like that would be fairly simple to write a python script for (open all map files, and swap tile ids).

This would be far too much hassle for most tileset changes, where many tiles move at once, and where you might not always readily know which tile ID was which.
Coming up with the mapping of oldID → newID is the hard part of any script like this.

For me it could be as simple as Matt mentioned because my maps are less complex I suppose. Don’t want to go through all of the scripting/manual file manipulation hassles just for my OCD :smiley:

In that case, maybe this script I already wrote could be of use. It lets you pick a replacement tile and then click a tile in your map to replace all instances of it with your chosen tile on the layer, or in the whole map if you hold Shift.
ReplaceTileTool.zip (7.3 KB)
So, you’d have both tilesets open and replace the tiles from the old one with tiles from the new one.

@bjorn JS files aren’t allowed to be attached to posts, any chance of that being allowed?

I’ve allowed .js files now as well. I just hope this doesn’t open some security issue…