Tiled for Android, or at least partially?

Any possibility of finding Tiled, or an app like it, for Android? Doesn’t have to be full-featured, just the basic top-down tile laying mode. All I can find are pixel-editors, or game-specific like the Minecraft Redstone simulators. Found one that ~almost~ does it, but every tile has to be imported separately, and the browser doesn’t remember the last visited folder. The tilesets I’d be working with will have far to many tiles to do that :(.

I am asking because many-a-time have I been at work or on the bus and got a craving to lay some tiles down from a custom tileset. I’d also be using it for drafting maps for games like Far Cry and Trials. I could just wait until I got home, but it’s one of those Apps that simply does not seem exist! It’s very frustrating.

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Well, I for one would definitely like to work on a Tiled for Android, but the problem is that time is limited as usual. Currently I can spend one day/week fully on Tiled, thanks to support received from patrons. This is enough to move Tiled forward significantly and to reach a Tiled 1.0 release in early 2016. But it still means it will be a while until I can spend any significant amount of time on a mobile version of Tiled.

You’re definitely not the first to ask, and in fact I’ve spent some time on an initial orthogonal map viewer for Android on the wip/qtquick branch almost a year ago. When Tiled 1.0 is done, I plan to spend some time on that again as well to look into adding basic editing capabilities.