Using Tiled with Mintoris Basic on Android

I am the creator of Mintoris Basic which is a programming app for Android. Mintoris Basic is a rich and well established programming language which has been on the Google Play App Market since 2010. For the past couple months I have been integrating my 2D game engine into Mintoris Basic. This will give my users the ability to write high quality games. Most of the game engine is complete and I’ve come to the tiled map backgrounds. I went looking for an existing tile map editor and was attracted by the features and simplicity of Tiled. I have analyzed the TMX (xml) file and have the classes to read it. Tomorrow I hope to display the first maps. If you are interested in developing games for Android or would like to help with the game engine testing, please stop by our Forum. If you own Mintoris Basic you can take part in the game engine beta testing. I will certainly be sending my users over here.

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Update: Loaded the first tiled map background into the Mintoris game engine today. Looks great!

Early beta testing on the Mintoris game engine has gone very well. Tiled maps can now be scrolled, scaled and rotated. Determining which parts of a rotated tile map to display on the screen was most difficult, but now that it works large tile maps should rotate quick and smooth.