Tiled Image Collection in Phaser 3


I was trying to import my tilemap with normal tilesets and its fine. Now I wanted to import my second tile layer, which is an Image Collection and I dont know how.
Does Phaser have a built-in method for handling image collections directly? Because I can’t find any solutions.

Yes, Phaser supports Image Collections: Phaser.Tilemaps.ImageCollection - Phaser 3 API Documentation (beta)

Perhaps their documentation will help you figure out how to load them. Generally, I think Phaser should load an Image Collection TSJ just the same it loads a “Based on Tileset Image” TSJ, without any additional work needed on your part. If you’re running into difficulties, make sure all your tile images are located in a location Phaser can get at them.

If Phaser has a forum or something, I recommend asking there, as they’ll probably be able to provide more specific help than random Tiled users.

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@DomiEder0 Welcome! If you’re asking help in multiple places, it’s a good idea to link them together. This question was also asked here:

Unfortunately I also don’t know if image collections are expected to be working out of the box, or if so, which version of Phaser one needs.

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