How to use collection of images tileset?

After I make a “collection of images” tileset, how do I add images to the tileset?

If you haven’t opened the tileset yet, first open it (could be by clicking the small “Edit Tileset” button below the tileset view), and then you can either drag images into the tileset or use the + button on the tool bar to add images.

Hello, that button appears deactivated to me why?

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If the + and - buttons are deactivated, that means your tileset is not a “collection of images” but rather based on a single tileset image.

then how do you create a collection of images ?

@phil123456 When you create a new tileset, select the option to create it as a Collection of Images in the New Tileset dialog.


I’m reviving this topic because I just can’t figure out how Collection of Images is supposed to work.

When I create a new tileset, it allows me to create it as a “collection of images”. That adds a new, blank tileset. I don’t see a + or - sign (MacOs). However, I’m able to drag a single image into it. But if I try and drag another image into it, another, new “collection of images” tileset is created with that new, single image in it.

So I’m able to create lots of “collection of images” tilesets, each containing one image, but not one “collection of images” tileset containing many images.

Is there a way to add many single images to one “collection of images” tileset? If it’s possible I have not been able to figure out how.

I hope that makes sense! :slightly_smiling_face:


@kittykatattack The tileset can’t be edited in this view. You need to open the tileset in its own editor, which you can do with the small wrench icon in the tool bar. There you will find the + and - buttons as well.

I agree it’s not the best usability…

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Thanks so much, that works!!

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Hi, is it currently possible to add all images from a folder to “collection of images”? Adding one by one doesn’t seem sustainable long-term.

If you select multiple images at once in the file browser that comes up when you click to add a tile, they’ll all be added.