Tiled2Unity not importing all colliders

I have a 2D top down game with a orthogonal map. I’ve created a light blue collision tile with a collider of 32x32 size in Tiled to use generically wherever I need. But now I want to make the same thing with borders and rocks and anything that should not be walkable in the game. I’ve done the same process making a box collider in Tiled with 32x32 size.

Tiled2Unity detects both (the light blue and the embedded-in-sprite) when I click on Preview Map.

But when I export to Unity, only the light blue tiles have collider, the other ones are not working.


Can someone teach me how to import map using SuperTiled2Unity as the Tiled2Unity is outdated?

Hi there, @Gustavo_Contreiras. I don’t know why your colliders are not making it onto the prefab. I would hope the console window in Unity (CTRL+SHIFT+C) would provide some feedback in that case.

But, regardless, it is better to be on SuperTiled2Unity now. If you copy your files into Unity it should “just work”. Just be aware that your references to other files have to be valid and that all files (textures, maps, tilesets) have to be imported into Unity.

If you’re having a specific problem let me know.

Thanks for the complete answer! Somehow I solved it making some random changes in tile objects and Collision objects from the map prefab. But later I’ll try the SuperTiled2Unity.