Tiled2Unity Edge Detection issue

I am working on a 2d-top-down game in Unity and I would like to be able to make maps in Tiled, and export them for use in Unity. However, I am running into a very frustrating issue to which I hope there is a solution.

After importing, every individual collidable sprite has it’s own Edge Collider 2d component, even when they are next to each on the map.

The tutorial here seems to suggest that Tiled2Unity is smart enough to do edge tracing to reduce the number of collider objects: https://www.seanba.com/introtiled2unity.html

But I can’t replicate that behavior at all. What am I missing?

I am using Unity 2017.4.0f1 with the latest version of Tiled. I am using Tiled2UnityLite on Arch Linux. I can import the example “minimalist-collision” map and it creates the polygon collider properly as in the tutorial. So I suspect my Tiled configuration is to blame. But what am I missing?

EDIT: I made a a tileset with 16x16 tiles and it works just fine. Can that “limit” be customized?

EDIT: Once again, now even a 16x16 tileset doesn’t work. WHAT!?

EDIT: Okay, now it’s working again, even with 32x32. I have no idea why it works sometimes and doesn’t work other times. I’ve tried 10 different tests to see if any of the properties on the map make a difference and I can’t find any.