Tileset custom properties not loading with JSON

Setting custom properties in the tiles of a tileset while having the Tile Collision Editor open, no collision polygon selected and saving them as a json file it’s fine, but when trying to close and open Tiled those properties won’t show on the custom properties panel, even though they are still on the json file and get overwritten and dissapear if any modification is made to the tileset again.

Before closing Tiled

After reloadingTiled

Such things won’t happen while using the tsx format, as the custom properties are saved and loaded correctly after closing and opening Tiled.

Also, as of finishing writing this post I’ve found out that the properties panel changes if the Collision Editor panel is closed, and custom properties added in those cases persist through the reload of the program for those with a similar issue.

Yes… thanks for the detailed post and I’m sorry for the confusion I caused by setting things up this way. When you open the Tile Collision Editor, and click a tile without selecting a collision shape, you actually edit the properties of the Object Layer in which the collision shapes reside.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that this serves to purpose at all, especially since such properties could just be added to the tile instead. The only problem with removing this feature would be that some people may rely on it since these properties could be edited since a long time.

@Seanba, what do you think about dropping the ability to edit these properties? Alternatively I could add a button to access them, but I’d rather avoid it since I think it has so little use.

Edit: then I realized you’re actually reporting a bug, and fixed it with this change:


Though my doubts about this feature still remain.

@bjorn I think that’s okay. I originally wanted custom properties in the collision editor so separate pieces of collision shapes could be grouped into different physical collections. For instance, a tile might a collision object for terrain, another for lava, etc… - but that was before “Type” was available which is what Tiled2Unity uses now.

Alright, then I will take this functionality out with Tiled 1.1 and see if anybody complains. The support will remain in the map readers and writers so that in the event somebody had used these fields they won’t be silently dropped.

Finally made this change:

Just in time for the 1.1 release, I hope it will avoid this confusion.