Unable to export customized property

Hi, I was able to export json files with customized property (class) for each tile image. However, after a sudden restart of Tiled, it stops working. I checked “resolve object type and properties” and I even tried to delete and download Tiled again, but now all the properties are greyed out when I add them to the map. We have a lot of images to add and each of them needs to have different class property in order to be loaded into the game correctly. Is there any other ways I can solve this issue? Thanks!

Properties are generally only “greyed out” when

  • they are Tile properties viewed in the Map Editor - Tile properties are only editable in the Tileset Editor, i.e. when the tileset is your active document.
  • they are default/inherited properties, in which case you can still edit them. Such inherited properties are resolved with the “resolve object types and properties” option, but they appear greyed out to signify they’re inherited and not overridden for that specific object.

Make sure you’re checking for the properties being available in the right place.
When you say that the exports “stopped working”, what exactly do you mean? Have you checked the actual JSON files to make sure the issue is with the files?

Something else to keep in mind is that the “resolve object types and properties” option only affects simple properties assigned directly to objects, it cannot currently resolve the sub-properties of custom property types.

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Thank you so much! was panic because the properties in the object panel were not greyed out before that restart but I just double checked the JSON file and the properties displayed correctly! Sorry for the confusion

If the properties weren’t greyed out before, it was probably because they were overridden or set directly on the object rather than inherited.