Flare map explorting programmatically

Hallo everybody,

I’m searching if there’s a way to export a .tmx file as a flare map txt file, without doing so from the GUI. Like from the terminal or in some other way. Basically I’m using flare maps as an immidiate step for converting those maps into my own format used in my game. A lot of maps are used and i have to export all of them one by one from the GUI which is time consuming. Anything that could become pre-programmed and used for fast converting a lot of .tmx files is welcome


Yes, you can do so by invoking Tiled from the command line as follows:

tiled --export-map [format] <tmx file> <target file>

The [format] is optional (it will be derived from the extension of the target file), but you can use it to disambiguate when necessary (see the output of tiled --export-formats for possible values).

Note that the Flare plugin needs to be explicitly enabled before it can be used, which also applies on the command line.

Wow awesome, this will save me a lot of time of doing a boring thing. Thanks for the fast reply!
I also found the command by using --help too lol, but that was because i had just the appimage before and I was using it somewhat wrong

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