Trackpad Zooming hasn't worked on macOS in quite a while

(Bob Thomas) #1

Just curious if anyone else has noticed the macOS client fails to zoom via trackpad pinch/expand gestures in quite some time? Not sure if this is the appropriate place to report a bug (Thorsten, please let me know if I can stack this issue on the priorities list some other way). Zooming via trackpad used to work in the map view and (I’m pretty sure) the tileset as well; both are broken now - they rubberband back to the starting position (pre-zoom) at every phase in the gesture.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #2

It would be great to fix this, but I’m lacking the hardware needed reproduce this issue. There is an issue about this on GitHub as well:

I will see if I can get around to trying the pinch zoom with my Wacom tablet in the coming days. If that fails, another thing I can try is to set a bounty on the issue. Feel free to try setting a bounty yourself as well!

(Bob Thomas) #3

Thank you sir! Will look into the bounty. In the meantime, zooming via shortcut keys is a perfectly viable workaround. Cheers

(Bob Thomas) #4

For anyone else running into this on the macOS Sierra port, I just discovered that Com+mouse-wheel zooms in/out about the mouse pointer. So mouse+keyboard offers a viable workaround. Cheers

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #5

I forgot to update this thread, but if you check the bug report I linked earlier you’ll see that it was fixed two weeks ago. So if you install a development snapshot, trackpad zooming should work just fine. Please let me know if you still find some problems.

(Bob Thomas) #6

I’d definitely missed the bug marked as fixed! No need to resurrect this obsolete thread… I’ll hold out for the 0.18.3 dist, but will get up on building a dev snapshot if I just can’t take it any longer ! :stuck_out_tongue: God I love Tiled, (perfect time for a plug). You are my Savior.

(Thorbjørn Lindeijer) #7

Maybe I’ll make a 0.18.3, but note that development snapshots are regular builds that are made available for Windows, OS X and Linux (you can find the links on the download page). There is no need to compile them yourself and they keep themselves up to date (usually I trigger new snapshots about weekly).

I’m happy to hear you love Tiled! :blush: