Try custom Dialogs for Tiled scripting


I’m looking to get some feedback and testers for a new scripting feature that I’m trying to introduce.

Dialogs follow the user’s configured theme, and allow scripts to get multiple pieces of information at once, while attempting to automatically create a visually pleasing layout for all of the widgets you add to the dialog.


I think this could help introduce some very interesting and user-friendly scripts.

Note: this feature is a work in progress. The API might change based on feedback.

The pull request where I’m tracking which features are implemented and which are not:

Example scripts:

Current download link:

^ Scroll down and pick the download for your operating system. I’d recommend downloading the standalone builds like Tiled-win64 for Windows rather than the .msi installer so that it doesn’t overwrite your installed version of Tiled. You will need to log in with a GitHub account (free for anyone to create) to download the builds.


New version available for download:

You can now use addFilePicker() and addTextInput()

Examples still here:

New download link:

You can now add images to your dialog

Updated download with bug fixes: