Custom Plugins - New Window Popup

I want to make a plugin that helps generate maps from existing maps. I’d like this plugin to have provide either a button or submenu that, when clicked, opens a dialog window with a file prompt that the user can select that existing map with.

I don’t see anything in the docs about opening windows or submenu items. I only see new buttons, signal responsiveness, and exporting to new file formats when I browse the script and plugin sections.

Can Tiled do this? It has everything else I want so I wish to stick with Tiled.

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Ah, the notification must have gotten buried somewhere, sorry about that…

Unfortunately, the answer is currently no. While it’s possible to add menu items to some of the menus and also to ask the user for a string, there’s currently no way to ask the user for a file. On the bright side, adding a function that opens a standard file dialog makes a lot of sense and should not be too hard. I’ll have a look at adding this before the 1.5 release, which I hope to make next week.

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That sounds exciting! I’m eager to write the plugin. I didn’t expect the creator to reply of all people. Thanks so much for Tiled!