Unreal Engine 4 Crash Importing JSON Tile Map

Hi, I’m having issues importing a JSON tile map created in Tiled 0.11.0 into Unreal Engine 4. There is a plugin that is compatible within the game engine however every time i import my test map it continues to crash my engine and fails to import. Is there any fix to this issue or is there something specific required for my tile map to successfully import into UE4. Any assistance with this matter will be greatly appreciated

Are you talking about Paper2D? I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet unfortunately,

In any case the initial documentation states:

Tile map support is experimental and must be enabled from the Paper2D plugin settings; it is not ready for use, and is only mentioned here in case you want to experiment with it. There are no guarantees that content made with the tile map component will work in a future release, and there are known crash bugs when editing tile maps.

You’ll probably want to ask for help there or on their Trello board, though please if you find out what was causing problems for you let us know here as well.