Tiled Toolkit - Unreal Engine 4 Parser/Importer

Since the official unreal paper2d plugin does not work with Tiled maps/tilesets, here you have your solution!

Tiled Toolkit is plugin that provides blueprint/C++ functions that allows you to parse and import Tiled Tilemap (.tmx) files and Tiled Tilesets (.tsx) files. Supports the standard Tiled file format (.tmx and .tsx) and templates (.tx) files.

VIDEO(Tileset importing): https://youtu.be/aSyHZhVWVQE
VIDEO(Tilemap importing/generator): https://youtu.be/XbtF3Wwd_rg

Support forum here

Parser supported features:

  • Based on Tiled 1.2.0 version.
  • All Tiled Tilemaps orientations (Orthogonal, Isometric, Isometric Staggered, Hexagonal Staggered)
  • Embedded Tilesets inside .tmx files.
  • Standard Tiled .tmx, .tsx and .tx formats.
  • Tiled Object, Tile and Image layers.
  • All type of objects available in Tiled (Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Polyline, Point, Text, Tile)
  • All Tile Layer formats in Tiled (CSV, XML, Base64 uncompressed, Base64 compressed zlib or gzip)
  • Tilemaps tile collision objects information.
  • Key-Value user data in tilemap, tileset, tile and layers.
  • Template objects in .tx files.

Parser NOT (yet) Supported features:

  • Group layers in tilemap.
  • Animations parsing.
  • Terrains parsing.


  • Provides a blueprint tilemap generator example, to load directly your tilemap.

Importing features:

  • It parses Tilesets from .tsx files and creates an APTiledTileset asset that supports everything except terrains. Only Rectangle, Ellipse and Polygon are imported to the APTiledTileset. Other collisions are ignored.
  • It parses Tilemaps from .tmx files and saves the data in APTiledTilemap. Then you can always retrieve this information in runtime and create the layers you need for your custom Tilemap behavior.

$25,- for an importer?!
Man, once again I’m glad to be using an engine with built-in support for Tiled maps.