Using Commands with "start"

Hi there,

I’m using commands to start my game directly with the map I currently edit in tiled. The command looks like

mygame -loadmap %mapfile

So far, this works. Now I want to show cmd while running the map in my game to see the log output. My idea was to change the command to

start mygame -loadmap %mapfile

But now tiled says that this comamnd cannot be executed.

Thanks in advance for any help!

start does not seem like a regular application on Windows, but possibly some custom command supported by cmd. I tried using cmd /C ... as prefix, but the console window does not appear for me in this case. I even tried making a .bat file and running that from Tiled, but contrary to running it from the Explorer, no console window was popping up.

So I’m out of options here. Maybe another Windows user has an idea…