Using terrain tool with "raised" terrain

Hi all! I’m a relatively new user (a few months), but I’ve gotten fairly good at using the terrain tool for simple terrain transitions. I’m having difficulty using it for more complex situations like working with the plateau-ish tiles found in this tileset:

Is working with the terrain tool the right idea for that sort of job, or is it a task better left to automapping? Some guidance either way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

Maybe a combination of both the terrain tool and automapping would work best here? I imagine using the terrain tool to draw the top of the plateau and then adding the bottom edges with automapping.

Have you considered Wang tiles?

Thanks for the reply. That idea had occurred to me, but the difficulty is in the implementation of the terrain part. As others have mentioned in previous threads, it’s tough to use the terrain tool unless there’s one “full” tile of each type, and while that’s true for the main walkable part of the top of the plateau, I’m not sure it’s true for the immediately adjacent tiles (not the edges).

Haven’t considered Wang tiles - not sure if they’re the right tool for the job either.

I must admit I’m not quite familiar with Wang tiles. But I imagined it would allow you to match up the edge pairs more selectively.

I’ve played around with the terrain editor and I’m not sure what else to try. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways of selecting different types of tiles, including different numbers of terrains to try to represent the entire plateau. Maybe it’s just not possible using the terrain tool, but I’ll wait for others to weigh in before I throw in the towel.

I ran into the maximum number of edge colours trying to prove it is possible using Wang tiles. :slight_smile:
These cliffs are beautifully complex.

Thanks for trying! They are complex indeed. I can’t take any credit for them though.

I would suggest to try using the automapping feature for such cliffs, since indeed neither the Terrain tool nor the Wang tool are suitable for this use-case in their current form.

You are aware of the automapping documentation? In addition, for such cliffs you may take a look at the rules used here. In particular the cave and mountain rules, which both have these cliff-like features.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I’m already using automapping for several other tools. It’s an amazing feature. And thanks very much for the documentation. It makes it pretty easy to learn how to use the tools.

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