What are the Terrain and Wang tools?

So, I’m working on tiling a hobby game with virtually no knowledge of game development, and i’m trying to understand how to Wang and Terrain tools work. To my eye it’s just a bunch of random colors. Any help?

Did you try reading the documentation about the Terrain Brush and Wang tiles?

Note that I would not recommend trying to do something useful with the Wang tiles in Tiled 1.4, due to the Wang Brush being very strict about what it will do. The Terrain Brush is generally useful, if it does what you want.

Since these features were so similar, they have been unified in the upcoming Tiled 1.5 release and their functionality has been extended. I hope to make this release very soon now, the main thing still remaining is to update the manual.

Yes, I did, but was confused. I’m unsure how to mark out the tiles.

It’s described in the manual. If you’re confused and would like us to try to help you, you’ll need to provide more information so that we know what you’re confused about. It would also help if you could show the tiles you’re having trouble with.

Ok. So what I’m confused about is how to place the wangs. I’m not sure how to include a screenshot. I’m trying to wang a cliff that I’m getting bored of working on manually. It’s in 32x32 resolution and is 5x12 tiles long.

Wang tiles don’t handle metatiles like that too well, they’re really meant for terrain transitions. Tile Stamps might be better for your needs.

A screenshot may really help to understand your situation better. Normally you can just paste the image in the text field and it will get uploaded automatically, you don’t even need to save it to a file first. The shortcut to take a screenshot varies by system, in Windows 10 you can use Shift+Win+S and a tool bar with various options (capture whole screen, window or selected region) will show up.

That said, Wang tiles are indeed likely not the best solution for placing cliffs. I’ve been making progress on the updated documentation about Terrains that applies to the upcoming Tiled release which you could look at (I’d recommend installing the latest Tiled snapshot then, instead of 1.4.3), but indeed it might be easier to just try saving some tile stamps like @eishiya suggested. For cliff placement it can also be useful to use automapping rules, but that’s a rather advanced topic.

Ok. I’ll see if that can work.

OK, thanks for your help.