Using Unity Rule Tiles instead of regular tiles when importing from Tiled


I’ve been using Tiled map editor for a while and really like it’s workflow. It makes way more sense to me to design my game’s map (a simple 2D top down maze) in Tiled and then just have it import into unity (using supertiled2unity). I like that workflow and it’s scalability for when I want to add more layers later.

The problem is that I need my tiles to update when they get removed, which happens a lot in my game. But when I import maps from Tiled, the prefabs it creates use regular tiles that don’t change when their neighbors do.

Is it possible to import my map from Tiled BUT instead of using the tileset I used to draw in Tiled, instead the prefab has Unity Rule Tiles everywhere?

This might be a dumb question so if you see a better solution, I’m all ears, but I need my map to update correctly in-game when sections of the walls get destroyed.