Viewing adjacent maps from current

One of my most desired features for tiled is the ability to embed maps into each other, or even make it so that you can view adjacent maps to the one you’re currently working on.

In my current workflow, I start with a very large map, add everything in and then split the maps into their own sizes, 40x40 in my case. Once the maps are split, if I need to make changes, it then becomes difficult to swap between maps and get things to align. I’ll usually open two windows of tiled and align the maps like that.

This is a feature that would indeed be quite useful for most large outside maps, which are typically split up like yours so that the game need not load the entire world into memory.

Unfortunately, Tiled does not support this yet. If possible, I would suggest you keep editing the original huge map in Tiled. Tiled can usually handle the entire map quite fine, and with compressed layer data it should even not be a problem to keep such a file in version control. Then, you would use some script to cut the map into pieces for use in the game. Of course, this breaks as soon as you need to work together with other developers on that same map. Splitting up the map is a convenient way to allow multiple people working in their own areas.

Long term, I would definitely like to let one file include multiple other files, so that the overworld can be loaded in one tab in Tiled, but still reference all your individual pieces. Of course, in such a setup the individual maps may not use the same tilesets or have the same layers, which will probably make editing along the edges not entirely seamless. I also wonder how the undo/redo system should handle this.

Ideally, I think it should edit as if it was a large single map, but I’m not entirely sure yet how to achieve that without making things way too complicated. I’d rather consider ways to simplify Tiled, while still making it more flexible.