Using Tiled for flip screen games

Hi there - another quick question. I am using Tiled to build a large flipscreen map for old 8 bit machines. This means that a part of the map loads in each time. I need to save off parts of the map rather than the whole thing. I’d like to make a couple of suggestions::

  1. Export selection as … - this would allow the currently selected part of the map to be exported.
  2. Allow the grid size to be modified so that you can view sections of the map, for example 32 x 24 blocks.

These two additions are quite small but I speak for a group of 20 or 30 homebrew developers who would all appreciate this. Thanks!

One option would be to use multiple maps, which could also make editing easier since it avoids merge conflicts as long as multiple people don’t tough the same map:

But, I fully agree that “Export Selection”, and also further grid options would be very welcome, especially in combination with the support for “infinite maps” added in Tiled 1.1 (which also make merging somewhat easier because it stores chunks of data in the file). I could also imagine batch export to be very useful here, and it is something that could be added through scripting.

It’s great to hear so many of you are looking forward to such features! I hope you will also consider supporting Tiled development with a donation, since without this I would barely be able to work on Tiled at all.

yes, I understand. I myself am also working on a free-to-use game development system so I know how you feel. I will certainly recommend that people make a donation if they start to use it regularly. Thanks!