Where Can I find the collision editor?

I can’t find the collision editor. Where is it?

In the bottom right corner, just underneath your tileset, you can see a row of icons: new tileset, embed tileset, export tileset, configure tileset and delete tileset. You’ll want to click the configure tileset button (the wrench). Then a screen will pop up with your tileset. Then just above that you’ll see an icon of a map, and to the right of that will be an icon with a rectangle and a circle, that’s the collision editor you’re looking for!


Thanks! And I have another yet question. I use the Tiled2Unity to export the map to the Unity. The program write: To launch from Tiled Map Editor add this command to the Edit Commands UI in Tiled
“c:\Program Files\Tiled2Unity\Tiled2Unity.exe” %mapfile

I don’t understand it and I don’t know how to implement it. Help me, please.

At the top left of the screen you should be able to see an icon with three cogs. Click on the arrow facing down next to it. That’s the menu where you can add it in.