Where can i read about Tiled architecture and design documents?

Hello all
i like to work on the editor and mybe develop plugins or extend the editor , i successfully compiled it and the code is
nice and clean but yet i will be happy to read about the architecture and design of this editor is there any documents or info ?

I do not think there are any written down design documents or something like that…

Generally the best idea to get into development of the editor is to implement a small feature that you are looking for or look for some bugs to fix on the bugtracker.


Right, I generally do not get around to working on documentation. For Tiled 1.0, I want to finally spend some time documenting how Tiled can be used, and maybe it’s also a good moment to add some pages about its general design.

It’s good to hear though that you’ve found the code to be nice and clean. I do my best to keep it that way!