Contributing to Tiled Source

Hello all, I have been learning C++ as a hobby for quite a few years. Recently i’ve been working on a 2D Game engine that uses C++ and SFML, it is also lua scripted. While working on this project i came across Tiled and fell in love. I’ve been looking for a way to add to my resume, that’s when i noticed how easy to read tiled is and that it uses Qt. I’ve dabled in Qt the framework but i have used Qt the IDE for a long while so i found it very easy to install the source and run it. So now my question, i’ve never contributed to anyone else’s code but i really want to help how do i get started? Is there a feature request list? or a bug list? I’m a noob when it comes to git hub is the issue tracker the best way? I really appreciate any help in this. I read the post from june 2016 but i was hoping there was a better answer by now, plus it wasn’t verry clear and i didn’t want to bring back the thread. Thank you!!


generally the development happens at You can see the list of issues at You can try to look up a task which sounds doable for you and start working on it. You can then open a pullrequest and @bjorn will review it. Try to start with small issues in order to get more familar with the code and avoid wasting too much time if you end up going into the wrong direction :slight_smile:. If you need any help with the code, Git or Github feel free to ask here or in the issue on which you chose to work on. There also is a list of issues which are tagged with help wanted, which you can find here:"help+wanted" and one issue in the good first issue label at However, these are mostly python plugin related issues at the moment. So I am not sure whether you want to work on that.

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Thanks for the awesome response! I think that last option you provided will be perfect to get started. Also learning python has been in my list of things to do so those others don’t look to base either. :slight_smile: