160x144 exporting to 167x145

Hello! I made a 1x1 map in Tiled with a map size of 160x144. However, when I export as an image, the png comes out at 167x145. Any ideas why this might be happening? Thanks!


What’s the size of the tiles you’re placing on that map? It might be the additional space is added because tiles might extend into that area.

Thanks you the response. Good thought. I’m not looking at it now, but I believe the tileset itself is 1x1 also.

Another reason for a bigger exported image can be that one or more layers are positioned at an offset. Such an offset can also be added accidentally when the “Offset Layer(s)” tool was selected. Make sure the “Horizontal Offset” and “Vertical Offset” properties of each layer are 0.

That was it! Thank you so much. I really haven’t worked with layers at all, so that’s not something that had occurred to me. It was just the one layer that I had dragged around apparently. I remember at some point trying out the “offset layer” tool to see if I could just drag a selection without cutting + pasting to move it. By the way, can I select an area and drag it or shift it? Or is the only way to move tiles already set down is to cut and paste them?

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Cut and paste is the only way (which does work with multiple (tile) layers selected at once, if it helps). In the upcoming Tiled 1.11, it’s going to be a bit more comfortable because holding Shift while right-click dragging to capture an area will cut it.