Tileset cut off a quarter of my image, please help fix?



^thats the file i made a tileset from (Yes its just one tree im trying to pinpoint the issue)

Also note that the preview before i place down the tile is full and shows the entire thing

Are you sure you don’t just have a solid green tile on a layer above the layer with the tree?

Yeah, it was made in aseprite and when you convert aseprite files to pngs, it doesn’t support layers or something like that I can try to give you the aseprite file but I’m a new user so I don’t know if it will allow me.

I meant in Tiled. Since your tiles are apparently fine and you said the preview looks correct, it sounds like you’re placing all four tree tiles, but there’s just a green tile overlapping the tree in your map in Tiled. Check how many layers you have in Tiled and that there aren’t other tiles on top of your tree.

This almost certainly has nothing to do with Aseprite.

Oh that is a good point, let me check.

No that wasnt the issue

Can you check what tile, if any, is at the location of the missing tile? Or better yet, can you send your map, tileset, and tileset image so that I can see if I spot any issues?

I solved the problem, thanks anyways! I had to create a new layer in Tiled… Like I said I was new so it was a little stupid.