NEWBIE Q - Exporting as Image - file size so small!

Hi there,
I would like to export my map as a png but the file is so small! Why?
The first map I did exported at 2.2MB which is good.
The 2nd one exported at 407KB which is too small
and then 3rd map exported at a tiny 290KB.

Is it because I have 4 tile layers on the 2nd and 3rd maps while the 1st only has 3 layers?
Is my map too complicated?

Does the actual image look fine? If so, what’s the problem?

PNG compresses certain arrangements of pixels better than others, so two images with the same size can have quite different file sizes.

Or are you talking about the dimensions of the image? Are the other maps exporting at a smaller pixel size? If so, make sure “Use current zoom level” is unchecked when you Export As Image.

Quoting @RjRob from private message reply I got because this topic had been automatically marked as spam for some reason:

I tried deselecting ‘Use current zoom level’ in the export options but it made no difference.
But it does help if I zoom really far in and then export. So thank you. I think that’s a problem solved. :smiley:

I currently can’t explain why deselecting this option would not work, nor why zooming really far in would help. Maybe @RjRob just wants to have a huge image. :slight_smile:

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