A TMX animated tile support for Cocos2d-x

I’m using Tiled with Cocos2d-x. Since Cocos2d-x still not supporting animated tiles in its TMXTiledmap class and I really need that, I finally wrote an extension myself…

The extension provided a new class: TMXTiledmapEx, it’s a substitution for cocos2d::TMXTiledmap and supports tile animation. It’s written in C++ and still uses the optimized render method of Cocos2d-x. No additional drawcall needed. It doesn’t like the js version for cocos on github, it contains animated tiles in layer-level. It still has room for optimization and I’ve already had a plan on it.

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That’s great, thanks for sharing!

Did you consider doing a pull request to cocos2d-x to add native support for animated tiles?

Yeah, that’s the best choice. I’m trying to do that, since it takes effort to satisfy the engine’s requirement for performance, integrity and something else,it may cost some times.

If you post a URL by itself on a line, it should get the onebox treatment automatically, e.g.

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Got it. Thanks a lot!

Good News! Cocos2d-x merged my work, now it has native support for animated tiles.

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That’s awesome work, @DEAGS3000, thanks for putting in the extra effort!

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