Can't add TiledMap into Cocos Creator

Hello, i’m new in TiledMap Editor. i’m trying to add Titled Map into Cocos Creator and i have 3 problems
" * cocos2d: TMXFormat: Unsupported TMX version: 1.5

anyone can help me plzzz
do i need to code some thing or just add file .tmx to Cocos Creator

You’re probably using some setting that Cocos Creator does not support. Potentially zstd compression, or maybe infinite map or something else. It’s hard to tell because you have not provided your map file and I’m also not entirely sure what features Cocos Creator supports. Does it say anything about the required map format in the manual, in particular the tile layer data format? I can see that this page makes it sound so easy, but they provide no such information there.

The “Unsupported TMX version: 1.5” is I think the most useless problem, since even though this version number is increasing, the format is usually not changed in a way that breaks old code (only recent exception has been the Wang tile storage format, though that’s not relevant for Cocos Creator). I hope that is just a warning.