"Add Tiles" is greyed out

When I open a Tileset in the editor, the “Add Tiles” button (either the plus icon, or from “Tileset” > “Add TIles”) is always greyed out. Is there a way to enable this option? When adding an animated tile, it would be great to create the tile from Map Editor rather than having to first manually add a bogus empty tile to then edit in Map Editor, if that makes sense.

The Add Tiles button is for adding tiles to an Image Collection tileset, you cannot add tiles to a “Based on Tileset Image” tileset. This is a type of tileset where each tile is a separate image.

If you’re looking to create a tileset from an image or map that contains multiple tiles, you should create a “Based on Tileset Image” tileset, and select the image/map as the source, and Tiled will slice it up into tiles based on the tile size you set.

I’m not sure what you mean by “add a bonus empty tile”, but if you mean leaving space for future tiles in a tileset image, you can avoid that by using an Image Collection and having each tile be a separate image. I personally find it easier to leave empty space though - and you can always add more space later by extending the height of the tileset. As long as you don’t change the width of the tilesheet image or move existing tiles to different locations, you can add more tiles.

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