Adding Parallax

I was wondering if there were any plans to add parallax between layers? Allowing each layer to have its own size/tilesize/tilesets and then displaying them with parallax would really help for designing side scrollers with background layers.

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It is definitely a feature I’d like to add. Parallax scrolling is mentioned in the following github issue:

For image layers it wouldn’t be too hard to add, but to add it in general for all layers (which I would prefer) will be a little more tricky since it affects things like tile selection and grid rendering.

I’d be very happy to see parallax implemented too. Would be a valuable addition to the ever increasing feature set of Tiled.

Lining up parallax layers at the moment though possible with calculations is far easier to do graphically in an editor especially when positioning specific graphics to appear in the parallax layers at particular point in a level map. A game like Metal Slug is a great example of parallax layers working together to enhance the game play experience.