Problem with parallax effect and world

Hello, I have a problem and I am not sure how to solve this.
I really like using “world” system in tiled and it worked well, until I tried to add parallax effect to some background layers in my tilemaps.

The problem happen, when I try to draw tiles on layer with parallax effect, so they overlap on another map, and I am unable to place tiles there, and my tilemap is changing.

The problem didn’t happen, when I start to place my tiles when they didn’t overlap another tilemap.

And the question is, is there any way I can normally place tiles there?

There’s also a video showing my problem

Your video doesn’t work, so please forgive me if I misunderstood the problem, but perhaps one of these can help:

  • You can disable parallax display via View > Enable Parallax, so that the area you’re drawing is always within your map’s bounds.
  • You can disable showing other maps in the world via View > Show World. If you add a hotkey to this (via Edit > Preferences > Keyboard), you can quickly toggle the world on and off in case you need to view it for reference.
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Thank you so much!

Your solutions to this problem works well, and I think I will start toggling on and off world view. It is not ideal, but works good enouth.

Thank you again :smiley:

Going to ping @bjorn, because it seems reasonable that the click region of the current map should probably take into account parallax (and other forms of layer offset). I’m surprised it doesn’t xP

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