After loading a .tmx of a map I worked on, all the tiles are red crosses

Hi, I’ve been working all day on a map, and after I finished I closed Tiled and it looked like everything was good… the problem is that a few hours later I opened again the file, and all tiles were red crosses!
Is there anything to solve this problem? And what was the cause of it?
Thank for the help in advance!

The red crosses indicate references to tiles which could not be found. This usually happens when the tileset referenced by the map isn’t found, or when the tileset is found, but its image isn’t.

Does Tiled display a “Some files could not be found” message at the top when you open this map?

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Oh yeah, you are right! I put the file back and it seems that all the tiles are back where they were! I suppose next time Iìll make to neither change the place of the Tiles’ files nor change this latter name…
Anyway thank a bunch for the help!

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